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<b>2. About us</b>

Představení společnosti  GIMPULSPraha spol. s r.o.

Company seat:          Nerudova 232, 252 61 Jeneč

                                      tel. +420 224 284 357

Workplace:                 Přístavní 24, 170 00 Praha 7

                                     tel./fax: +420 266 712 779

                                     tel.: +420 296 837 220 (224, 227)

                                     E-mail: post [at] gimpuls.cz

IČO:               489 486 24

DIČ:               CZ489 486 24

Bankovní spojení: Česká spořitelna Praha, č.ú. 206354349/0800


Heads of the Executive:

RNDr. Jaroslav Bárta, CSc   RNDr. Jaroslav Bárta, CSc.,  

  barta [at] gimpuls.cz,  GSM: +420 724 066 550

RNDr. Dušan Dostál   RNDr. Dušan Dostál,  
  dostal [at] gimpuls.cz, GSM: +420 724 066 552

Project Manager:

RNDr. Michal Tesař RNDr. Michal Tesař,
tesar [at] gimpuls.cz, GSM: +420 724 066 551

Scope of services provided by the company: Geophysical works and relating services (geological works, mining works, software, blasting, pyrotechnics, mediation services and sale). The company provides for the geophysical works in the fields of engineering geology, hydrogeology, economy geology, ecology, criminological practice, archaeology and civil engineering physics. To provide these services, G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o. employs a wide range of own licences and also cooperates with specialized firms.

Personnel:  In average 13 staff members, varying in dependence on the extent of projects.

Company establishment: The firm was established in 1994. It has been carrying out its full-scale activities since 1. 2. 1995, when planned transformation of GMS a.s., a company engaged in geological exploration, took place. G Impuls Praha spol. s r.o. is entirely independent, having its own legal personality; however, through the tradition, personnel and experince it continually follows up with the original company. G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o. carries business both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Applied methods:  Geoelectric methods, seismics, gravimetry, magnetometry, radiometry, geological radar (GPR) and pyrotechnical investigation methods.

G IMPULS Praha spol.
s r.o. has been certified since 2000.



Copyright 2008 G Impuls Praha spol. s r. o.       Author:Karel Wolf