Our team

Our team consists of 16 people, including 9 undergraduates – geophysicists, and three senior technicians. Most of the employees are graduates of the Faculty of Science of Charles University. All university and high school students also have experience working abroad (Europe, Middle East, Mongolia, Cuba, USA). The number of employees sometimes varies according to the scope of the projects. The team consists of both young school graduates and geophysicists with many years of experience in the field.

Executive directors

RNDr. Jaroslav Bárta, CSc.

RNDr. Dušan Dostál

RNDr. Vojtěch Beneš

Mgr. Jaroslav Jirků, Ph.D.


Mgr. Tomáš Belov

Mgr. Josef Buneš

Ing. Kateřina Dvořáková

Lead technicians

Petr Kadlec

Contact us

In case of your interest please contact us at our technical office in Prague 7 – Holešovice district.